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The Benefits Of Mediation in Family Law

Not every dispute needs to be decided in a courtroom. One alternative dispute resolution method is mediation. Mediation allows the disputing parties to sit in a room together with a trained mediator who acts as a third-party neutral to guide discussions with the goal of the parties coming to a mutually agreeable resolution to their issues.

My name is Doris M. Figman, and I am an attorney in Oakland who mediates family law and estate planning disputes. With more than 25 years of experience practicing law in these areas, I know how to guide productive discussions between disputing parties. I listen carefully to your situation and help you decide whether mediation would be beneficial in your situation.

A Cost-Effective, Nonconfrontational Way To Resolve Conflicts

One way couples can prevent an extended battle in court is to go through mediation. By sitting down together with a professional trained to ensure a productive conversation, the two parties can ease the transition for the entire family. Mediation allows adults who have had a loving marriage in the past try to figure out what's fair.

While mediation is not appropriate for every situation, there are many benefits of mediation, such as:

  • Financial savings — In mediation, the parties involved share the cost of hiring a mediator. In litigation, both parties hire their own lawyers and pay court fees, which can become quite costly.
  • Less contention — Mediation allows for open dialogue that does not occur in the courtroom. The parties come to a mutually agreeable resolution in a collaborative setting.
  • Control — Mediation allows the parties to control the outcome.
  • Efficiency — Mediation may resolve your dispute quicker than a courtroom battle. Litigation may continue for months, costing you time and money.

Once you enter into mediation, you are not required to resolve your dispute there. If you or the other party decides at any point that mediation is not likely to resolve your dispute, you can walk away and litigate your case in a courtroom.

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